Shark Navigator Lift Away Reviews

Here is a Shark Navigator Lift Away Review that will try and show the positives and negatives of this Shark Lift Away vacuum. This is a vacuum that is rated by most experts and users and one of the best around. The Shark NV352 has all the latest features in it that will make it attractive to consumers.

Shark Navigtaor Lift awayDetails and specifications of the Shark Lift Away Vacuum :

- It is a “featherweight” Shark Lift Away Vacuum.
- The vacuum can trap 99.99% of dust and allergens.
- The vacuum has a bagless canister and it will never lose suction no matter how much dirt/items have been sucked into the vacuum.
- The swivel steering feature helps to make maneuvering easy and effective.
- The vacuum comes with a complete five year warranty.
- This item also comes with premium pet tools that will help to trap hairs etc that pets may leave lying around.
- This vacuum costs a lot less than its competitors and offers better cleaning capabilities both on rugs and on marble/bare surfaces.


Here are some more details that Shark Navigator Lift Away reviews have provided on the Shark lift away :

The vacuum has been described as easy to push, pull and lift because of how light it was. The nozzles swivel very well and this makes the vacuum excellent in terms of maneuverability. This also means the vacuum can deal with tight spaces and nooks and corners very well. The vacuum is very quiet, with a soft hum when it is used, which is something that any home owner will find very pleasing! While the vacuum is only 10 amps, it has a motor that does better than the Hoover’s 12 amp motor. This shows that the Shark lift away is very efficient in how energy is used and applied. Nothing is wasted by this vacuum cleaner.

The vacuum can be taken apart very simply and this also makes it a smaller hand held device, which is great if you are cleaning a small room or if you are looking to pick up small pieces of dirt from corner areas. There are plenty of different attachments that can be stuck to the front to make cleaning simpler. There is a 6 inch crevice and duster, a 24 inch extended, as well as an air powered pet turbo nozzle.

The beater bar on the motorized nozzle can be turned off with a power switch, and this ensures that the primary nozzle can be used on bare floors. It gives greater flexibility and ability to clean anything that is not being sucked by the original nozzle. There is also a canister mode that allows for the base nozzles to be attached to the hose/wand-end.

The Navigator lift away is an absolutely terrific vacuum and here are some more of its minor features and parts:

- There is a hose in the canister mode that helps suck dirt.
- The cord on the vacuum is very long, meaning you can take it across the house plugged in anywhere. The cord also fits into the cord hook perfectly, so there are no wires lying about all over the place.
- The vacuum’s beater bars help the vacuum self-propel when it is being used on rugs.
- The filters are washable and have lifetime warranties. This is great because they never have to be replaced.


Here are a few negatives that reviewers have noted on the Shark Navigator lift away:

- The extension wand is not part of the handle and it cannot bed telescoped to any length/height. This means that the vacuum is not as flexible as it could be in canister mode. This is a vacuum that is easy to use, but it would be even more efficient and effective with this feature.
- When the hose is being used it is very easy to topple the vacuum. This is simply because the vacuum becomes so light and the hose is not stretchy enough. The weight distribution means that the vacuum needs to be steadied constantly in such situations which does not make for ideal use.
- While the cord is very long for a typical vacuum, there are other vacuums of this size/price that have double the length in cords. This cord is 25 feet, while some vacuums have cords as long as 50 feet.

Here is another simple review that underlines just what is so good about the Shark Lift Away vacuum:

“I bought this vacuum after reading all the reviews. I was going to buy a Dyson, but the cost sent me shopping elsewhere. The vacuum arrived and was easy to put together with just a few clicks, no tools required. This vacuum works magic on pet hair. We have a long haired cat that sheds all over the place. This vacuum is able to suck up all the hair. The attachments also work great for the car, boat, and RV. I would highly recommend this product. We also received a free steam mop with our order.”

At the end of the day, it is all about finding the right balance between a vacuum that costs the right amount and will get the job done well. This is exactly what this Shark vacuum can do. You do not have to pay exorbitant amounts for it, but you are unlikely to find a better vacuum than this. While it may have a few cons, almost every review has highlighted the plethora of positives that it will bring to your everyday cleaning.

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